Project Coordinator: Jim Naylor

Colorado Lions Bingo is authorized by the Colorado Secretary of State. To have a Bingo license the sponsoring 501(c)3 non-profit organization has to be in existence for at least5 years. The Bingo Hall is licensed, Bingo supply distributors are licensed as well as the Games Managers are tested and certified. Colorado Lions currently have eight people certified. The state requires quarterly reporting with a fee of .055%. There is a requirement that all records are stored for 6 months. State audits occur at an infrequent interval. A subcommittee of the Board of Directors for the Colorado Lions Camp manages the Bingo activities while the games managers oversee the Bingo operation. Forty percent of the profits from Lions Bingo goes to needs of the Lions Camp. Colorado Lions Bingo leases the Carefree Bingo Hall twice per week at a cost of $400, buys paper products and pull-tabs from the licensed dealers and pays a rental fee for the electronic bingo devices. Members of Lions clubs provide workers for both the pit (selling pull tabs and side games) and door workers (selling Bingo cards, electronic devices, etc.). Additionally, there are Lions volunteers for callers and pit managers. Each club receives credit for each Lion that works a session. Forty-five percent of the profits are split among clubs based on the total worker pool for the quarter. The remaining 15% of profits is granted to Lions clubs by request.

Tri-Lakes Lions provide volunteer support for a minimum of six bingo events per quarter.

Tri-Lakes Lions Club Bingo
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